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 Kajeng Kliwon is a reocccuring auspicious day for cleansing the mind and the direct environment of the house compound of negativity. At this day the Balinese Hindus meditate and pray to Siwa for support and protection with special offerings. Kajeng kliwon coming every 15 days so that at the meeting with Triwara kajeng Kliwon Pancawara. There are two Kajeng Kliwons : Kajeng Kliwon Uwudan and Kajeng Kliwon Enyitan. Kajeng Kliwon Uwudan is to neutralize the negative powers and Kajeng Kliwon Enyitan is to increase the positive powers. Today is Kajeng Kliwon Enyitan, which is believed to be a lucrative day for spiritual exercises, studying physical invulnerability and witchcraft. Beside that this day is also good to start making sesikepan or something supernatural power.

Kajeng Kliwon Enyitan that fell on Pananggal or period until 15 days after Tilem. Kajeng kliwon a day cult of Shiva Trance, which is believed to Sang Hyang day Shiva meditating. Kajeng kliwon Rerainan trusted as a sacred day. On the day kajeng kliwon segehan deliver to the people who dedicated to Sang Hyang Dhurga Goddess, in the land dedicated to the segehan Bhuta Bucari, Sang Kala Bhucari and the Dhurga Bucari.

According to Hindu belief, segehan is a "food" which is dedicated to the Bhuta or the forces of evil in order not to disturb the household and its members, one prays for safety of the house compound and for the well being and happiness in life for the individual family members who live there. Segehan and its essentials are presented to the supernatural forces to avoid disturbance to the harmonious relationship of man with nature. The Kajeng KIiwon rite has been conducted for hundreds of years and has presumably contributed to the creation of Bali as a safe and comfortable haven.