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lebaran1Today representing special day that is new year of Tionghoa people called Imlek or Tahun Baru Imlek. Situation at Tanah Lot  yesterday fulfilled by visitor. Tanah Lot is the land which rich with unique culture and tradition which develop and born in Tanah Lot it self. But in edition Balinese culture also has a great influence from other country like china, Nepal, Tibet, and India which begun long time a go in the pass who bringing by the traders from out side like from china, India, Nepal even thought Duct and Portuguese. It observed and mixed together with Balinese culture and tradition which is caused with each of them has same characteristic in culture, traditions and religious with Tanah Lot.

Some of the trades from out side stay and live in Tanah Lot which bring their tradition and live vicing with native Balinese people live together and respect each other. This harmonization between two different religious from china and Balinese people can be show when one of those religious has ceremonial and the other is take the had to helping and so on.

Gōngxǐ fācái in mandarin language which it means happy New Year and good luck, this word will say as congratulation for Chinas people in Imlek day. In edition what is imlek and how imlek presented in Tanah Lot to answer this question first we must know more the histories of Imlek and what it Imlek from it source china. Imlek is one of traditional Tionghoa ceremonial which celebrated on the first month for Chinas calendar, which appear in the begaing the second new month in the sort day in wintry. Imlek in Tanah Lot is not can be separated by histories related between Indonesia and china in the pass.

In government president Soeharto era which call as Orba era Imlek ceremonial is forbidden a long 1965 until 1998 in Indonesia which base on the president instruction Number 14 year 1967 because the government  refusing all thing which is related to Chinas with communism party. In reformism era (2000) the Chinas peoples are give to celebrate this ceremonial under the government president Abdurrahman Wahid which toke over the president instruction and it continued by President Megawati Soekarno putri which legalization Imlek as national holiday.

In edition soon before the day Chinas people all ready prepare the entire medium which will use to celebrate Imlek day like lampion, candle, incense, flower, envelope ang po, basket cake and many other. the imlek ceremonies usually complited by performance barongsai (tiger) and liong (dragon) in the budahs tample which it belive as the simbol of the keeper of world peaces.