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Besides of the uniquely art market, in Tanah Lot Tourism Object there are the mercant of temporary tatoo. They are usually the young man who come from Beraban village that have skill in art painting. Because temporary tatoo usually have  various style, so that the merchant must have skill to improve their imagination and inovation so,  they can produce a good and beatiful tatoo and hopely the tourist will satisfied with that style.

  The picture of temporary tatoo are variously, like human, animal, plant, devices, and the other. And the customer can make order a picture according to their hobbies or according to which their want. The merchant of temporary tatoo will make it true. Steps to make a temporary tatoo is very easly. First, the customer must choose the picture which will become a tatoo.

Then the merchant make a sketch in a piece of special paper then patch in customer body, like in hand, foot, back, arm or other according to customer's want, with some roll on or deodorant to gluing the picture. After patched, then the merchant make skecth according to picture which already patch in customer body's with some black ink until finish and all of picture is closed over by black ink. This temporary tatoo  can stay until two weeks. Price for this temporary tatoo is different according to difficult paint level and size of temporary tatoo. Usually price for this tatoo start from Rp. 10.000,- until millions of rupiah.