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Active ImageTanah Lot as one of tourist attraction in Tabanan which famous in domestics and foreigners tourist always try to give the best service for visitors. One of them is on art performance. That is Kecak dance performance in Domestic Stage Surya Mandala Cultural Park Tanah Lot. This art performance held every day on 7 PM with ticket price just Rp. 50.000/pax. Kecak is the most unique balinese dance which is not accompanied by any orchestra or gambelan but a choir of hundred of men. It has its origine in an old ritual dance “sanghyang” or trance dance. In the sanghyang dance a person in a state of trance communicates with the deities or anchestors. Using the dancers as a medium the deities or anchestors convey their whises in 1930’s the old indian briefly the story runs as follow :

Ramadewa & Dewi Shinta enjoy their romantic life in the forest. However, that is about to end due to Patih Marica, a minister who swear a legion to Rahwana (the king of giants from the Kingdom Alengka), who spies on them and turn himself to a golden deer. Shinta amazes to see it and together with Rama tries to catch that golden deer. However, they did not successfully catch it and Shinta felt sad and cries. She asks her husband to capture the deer. Laksmana, Rama`s brother, gives a bow and arrow to hunt the deer. Rama asks Laksmana to guard Shinta while he is away. Rama catches up with deer and killed it because he has unsuccessfully captured it. While dying the deer turns back to his original form Patih Marica and cries loudly for help to Laksmana with a trick voice similar to Rama`s voice.

Hearing the yelling voice of her husband, Shinta asks Laksmana to help Rama. Unknown to her the yelling is a fake voice by Patih Marica. Laksmana assures Shinta that it is not Rama`s voice, but Shinta persisted for her brother-in-law to help Rama. Furthermore, Shinta becomes angry with Laksmana. Seeing this Laksmana creates a magic line of safe area around Shinta to protect her from any enemy.After Laksmana left, Rahwana kidnapped Shinta after he trick her to go out of the protected area. Shinta is flown by Rahwana where she  cries and screamed for help repeatedly saying her husband`s name, Rama, the son of King Dasarata.Hearing screams for help and calls for the name of Dasarata, Jatayu, a large bird and a good friend of King Dasarata, fights off Rahwana and tries to free Shinta from the hold of Rahwana. Although Jatayu freed Shinta in the air several times from Rahwana strong hold, but at the end the mighty bird looses the battle and falls from the sky.Before Jatayu died, Rama found the helpless, dying Jatayu with a message that Shinta has been taken to Rahwana`s palace in the kingdom of giants called Alengka Pura.

To find the truth of Jatayu`s words, Rama send Hanoman to Alengka Pura.In the garden of Angsoka Alengka Pura, princess Trijata, the daughter of Wibisana and niece of Rahwana, with her maids try to cheer-up Shinta from her situation. However, Shinta becomes sadder rememberring her husband King Rama. Rahwana comes and tries repeatedly to persuade Shinta to be with him and forget her husband. At the end Rahwana gets mad and tries to kill her but Trijata persuaded her uncle not to kill Shinta. After that comes Hanoman to see Queen Shinta but Shinta at first does not believe him until he showed the ring from Rama. He told her what is going to happen that King Rama is going to rescue her soon. Then Hanoman destroys the Angsoka Garden and defeated several giants who has guarded the garden as a massage to give warning to Rahwana.

When Hanoman returns he reports to King Rama about Dewi Shinta`s condition. Rama has appointed the king of monkeys Sugriwa to be the general of the war. Sri Rama, Laksmana, Sugriwa, Hanoman, guards and the monkey army start their war march to Alengka. Hearing that his kingdom going to be attacked, Rahwana asks his brother Detya Kumbakarna to lead the army of giants for battle against Rama`s monkey army. Guards of Alengka have gone to make-up Kumbakarna who sleeps for months at time. Kumbakarna at his meditations gets several gifts from different Gods. Kumbakarna with patience gives an advice to his brother King Rahwana that is to return Shinta and apologize to King Rama in return for the safety of Alengka. However, King Rahwana disregards his brother`s wise advice and argues with him until a misunderstanding formed. Kumbakarna gets mad  the stubbornness of his brother and swears he will fight to the end to save his country from invasion but it is not because of protecting Rahwana for his sin.