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At the same, December 9th, 2007, at Tanah Lot Temple there are "Tirta Yatra" by students from Undiksa Singaraja, Bali. With 90 students, they pray at Tanah Lot Temple start from 10 AM. They came from Singaraja doing a tirta yatra to the temple beside Tanah Lot Temple. And that ceremony leading by Mangku Subagi as the priest of tanah Lot Temple. Tirta Yatra is a holy journey to pray to every temple to required safety and faithfull.

Tanah Lot Temple usually as main temple for Hinduism people to pray every time. Because function of Tanah Lot Temple as one of Dang Kahyangan Temple in Bali. And according to belief, that Tanah Lot Temple having many mysterious thing that not been known yet.