Wantilan Tanah Lot: Big Building With Many Function PDF Print E-mail

 If you visit Tanah Lot, you will see a large open building that looks magnificent with carved ornament. This building is called Wantilan. Existence wantilan preceded by a desire for the roof where the activity or ceremony held in the open field or Natah to protect from the sun. Wantilan has great understanding of the building is open, the roof is usually made story, serves as a meeting place to accommodate a variety of public activities which essentially belongs to citizen of the three activities (dharma, artha, khama) that is spiritual, socio-economic, and cultural. Wantilan an open building in all directions. This reflects that this building was not prepared for personal activities. Wantilan is one of Balinese building which in earlier times served as a meeting place for such a meeting or meetings of the villagers / temple. But over time wantilan also utilized as a performance art. Like wantilan Tanah Lot often used as an arts venue.

Besides being the venue, wantilan Tanah Lot is also used as a place to welcome important guests or hold a special event. One example in the month of May until June 2009 wantilan Tanah Lot used as a performing of Tanah Lot arts festival. At a ceremony in Tanah Lot temple, wantilan serves as a place to conduct religious activities such as ngayah or workforce together to making equipments of ceremony.  Wantilan during the day also serves as a resting place for the tourists and to avoid the hot sun or a refuge from the rain.