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March 2015 Highlights in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

ogohMarch 5th, Purnama Kesanga, or full moon in Bali is always a special day for ceremonies and festivities. Hundreds of temples all over the island celebrate their anniversary on a specific full moon each year. Since full moon is also considered as an auspicious day, hundreds of ceremonies are held in all corner of the island on this sacred day.

Interesting Activities: Pre-Wedding Photo Shot In Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

   The exotic beauty of Tanah Lot with various forms of rock interesting one tourist destination that has been recognized by the world. Besides that, the beauty of the sunset supported by unique Tanah Lot temple became one of the attractions for you who want to relax enjoy the glory of God. There are many activities you can do at Tanah Lot, such as sitting relaxing while enjoying the sunset, taking landscape photos, enjoying the food at the seaside restaurant while enjoying the natural scenery Tanah Lot, or for surfer mania you can surfing on the east Batu Bolong temple.


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