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Barong Bangkung Dance, performed during the series of Galungan and Kuningan Days. For people in Bali, Galungan and Barong Bangkung are inseparable to each other. Barong Bangkal will always visit people’s houses in Tabanan and will dance lively in front of each house gate. The dweller will never feel disturbed by the Barong. In fact, they are happy for this fresh and inexpensive entertainment. With the money amount of Rp.1.000, Rp.2000 or Rp.3000, people will dissolve in laughter for few hilarious scenes that is offered by the barong’s dancer.


It usually starts Ngelawang on Galungan until Kuningan, three days after Galungan and three days after Kuningan. Like at Tanah Lot, during Galungan Day, there so many Barong Bangkung Dance’s group that showing their performance. Almost visitor specially foreigner looks so amused with barong bangkung performance and they also take some picture. After the dancer have danced, visitor usually gave some money to the children. During the staging, Barong Bangkung group will be accompanied by few telek mask dancers (mostly children accompanied by batel musical instruments) with their funny faces. Sekaa (group) Barong Bangkung always walks randomly from one village to another. They dance based on the money; the more they get paid, the longer they will dance.