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 Yesterday, the Indonesia's Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik visiting Tanah Lot with his group and accompanied by vice regent of Tabanan regency, Mr. Putra Wirasana. He came  to Tanah lot is to praying in Pakendungan temple and Tanah Lot temple. Because yesterday is the last day of temple anniversary in Pakendungan temple. Jero Wacik arrived at Pakendungan temple on 6 PM and greeted by Pakendungan temple committee and Operational Manager of Tanah Lot.

After say  hello to all peoples there, then he went into Pakendungan temple to do pray and he seated in the center on a mat and followed with the others. Then the temple priest leads the prayers. The first prayer is without flower dedicated to purify the mind of the respective worshiper. The second prayer usually uses red flower. The third prayer usually uses a fan shape offering, called kwangen, can be substituted with flower and money if it is not available. The fourth prayer also uses kwangen or flower and money if it is not available. The fifth prayer uses no flower; this prayer is dedicated to show our gratitude to the God Almighty, Ida Sanghyang Widhi.

After that, the pemangku comes to Jero Wacik with holy water. The worshipper holds out his hands, takes the holy water into his right palm three times and sips it. The fourth and fifth pouring is spread over face and hair. After a final sprinkling from the pemangku, the prayers are over. The pemangku passes around some sticky rice (bija) and the worshipper presses a bit of it onto his forehead. A small amount of this rice is also eaten. After done in Pakendungan temple, Jero Wacik continue to Tanah Lot temple. He do the same procession there. And all procession already done on 8 PM and he and his groups leaved Tanah Lot area.