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March 2017 Highlights in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

templeaMarch 1st, Kajeng Kliwon Enyitan, Kajeng Kliwon is the day that has these two influences at the same time. For that reason, Kajeng Kliwon has magical power and therefor is a special day in Tanah Lot Bali. On this day extra offerings are made in the house compound, and offerings are placed at the front entrance gate on the ground, burning a coconut husk to provide smoke. Kliwon Enyitan is to increase the positive powers. The rituals of both are based on sincerity and honesty.

March 1st, Budha Kliwon Gumbreg, is a reocccuring auspicious day to pray for protection and a long and healthy life. At this day, which is also known as the Sang Hyang Ayu or Sang Hyang Nirmala Jati cleansing day, the Balinese Hindus pray for protection of the household and the entire world including all creatures that inhabit it. The ceremony is performed at the kumulan shrine of the family temple and the plankiran (wall temple) of the bedroom.

Galungan Procession : Sugian Jawa in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

PurlimaSugian Jawa is falling down on 30th March 2017, It is the second of three Sugian ceremonies in Bali that are performed to cleanse the Bhuana Agung (the environment of the individual human being, or macro-cosmos) and the Bhuana Alit (the micro-cosmos or the inner world of the individual human being) of negativity, and at the same time to create awareness of one’s sacred inner power.

The word Jawa here is equal to the word jaba (= ‘outside’) and refers to the Bhuana Agung or macro-cosmos, which is the environment of the individual human being (the counterpart of the inner world of the individual human being, the micro-cosmos or bhuana alit). The ceremonies that are conducted during Sugian Jawa are locally known as pemretistan ring Bhatara kabeh and are intended to cleanse the Bhuana Agung of negativity. According lontar Sudarigama, Sugian Jawa is the auspicious day to worship all the positive powers of the (macro-) cosmos – the gods and pitara – with extra attention.


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