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 Thursday, September 24, 2015 Muslims celebrate their holidays are Idul Adha Feast. Idul Adha has meaning as a sacrificial animal slaughtering as a token offering to the Lord. Animal sacrifice is used include goats, cows and buffaloes. On that day Moslems to pray and celebrate with family and gathered  with their relatives. After that they will use the moment to take a vacation with family. One of the attractions of their goal is to Tanah Lot. On the feast of  Idul Adha is Tanah Lot especially crowded domestic tourists visited the celebrated Idul adha. Starting from 9 o'clock in the morning visitors began coming to the Tanah Lot.

One came with his family to wear a motorcycle, there are also coming in groups using a car. They are willing to queue in front of the entrance to gain admission. Ticket clerk with patience even to serve visitors who want to buy tickets. After getting the tickets, they just parked the vehicle and began to enter Tanah Lot tourism object. Different things they do, from enjoying the natural beauty of Tanah Lot and the panorama of existing surrounding  beach.

There are also a variety of shopping goods, including clothes, gloves, and knick knacks are sold by Artshop-Artshop in Tanah Lot. Look from their faces that they so enjoy the holiday at Tanah Lot tourism object. Visitors began to retreat at 7 o'clock in the afternoon. According to data obtained at the operational office of  Tanah Lot tourism object number of visitors reached 5781 people.