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    guideparkWhen there is a temple ceremony, half of the road will be occupied for ceremonial purpose. Be patience. Use the opportunity for taking a picture or two, On foot ceremonial procession will slow you down. Again, be patience, it is a rare spectacle and an opportunity for taking pictures of a colorful event, Pecalang (traditional security force) will manage the traffic in areas where temple ceremony or ceremonial processions are in progress. Obey their traffic orders.

    During the ceremony it is their responsibility to ensure the security of the area, including the traffic, Vehicles for transporting ceremonial processions will likely occupy most of the road. Be patience. Kite festival processions, usually a combination of trucks, huge kites, and uniformed teenagers will likely occupy most of the road and move slowly, but it is another spectacular opportunity for pictures,

    Beware of dogs! Many street dogs roam freely on the roads in rural areas. Be careful and keep an eye open for them. The same advice holds for chickens and cats and sometimes cows as well, When construction is in progress, often mounds of building material will occupy the shoulder of the road and overflow onto part of the road. Be careful.

    If you ask Tanah Lot peopel for directions, they will likely tell you the direction based on the point of compass. Seldom will you be told to go right or left. Instead, will advise you go to the east and turn to the north, Please get out of your car when you ask directions. Asking for directions while sitting in the car is considered impolite, You can park almost everywhere in Tanah Lot. Don’t bother finding a space. A parking officer is always ready to help for only a modest parking fee. These fees are usually Rp.1000, ($ 0.12) for car and Rp 500 ($ 0.06) for a motorbike.

    Honk your horn when you cross a bridge or pass a cemetery. It is a way to show your respect and ask permission to use the road from the unseen inhabitants of those places, Your full concentration while driving is essential in Tanah Lot since there are few marked pedestrian crossings. It is rare to find marked zebra cross points, Always keep a sharp eye open for children on foot and on bicycles. They are very trusting and count on you to be alert and careful.