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Active ImageYesterday at 6 PM, Head Master of Tabanan Regency, N. Adi Wiryatama and group visiting Tanah Lot Tourism Object to do tirta yatra. Tirta Yatra is a holy journey to pray to every temple to required safety and faithfull. They do tirta yatra at Pakendungan Temple and Tanah Lot Temple. Head Master of Tabanan Regency consorted with Bendesa Adat Desa Pakraman Beraban : dr. I Wayan Arwata, MM, Mr. I Made Deka, all supervisor from operational management of Tanah Lot Tourism Object. Group of Head Master of Tabanan regency arrive at Tanah Lot area at 6 PM and going to Pakendungan Temple first.

They do pray at Pakendungan Temple first. Pakendungan Temple is located in west side in Tanah Lot Area it is just 300 meters from Tanah Lot Temple. It was built in year Çaka 1330 to be exact in year 1408.Pakendungan Temple has one unity with Tanah Lot Temple. When Dang Hyang Nirartha continue his journey to find the Holy Light in Segara (Sea) Kidul Tanah Lot, he was do meditation (yoga semadi) in luxuriant forest in the west side of Segara (sea) Kidul Tanah Lot to get some vision of God about the Holy light. Pakendungan Temple ceremony exact with Kuningan Day.

After that, group going to Tanah Lot Temple. At Tanah Lot Temple, praying led by Mangku Subagi as priest of Tanah Lot Temple. Temple anniversary ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple executed each every six-month precisely on Buda Wage, Wara Langkir, four days after Kuningan Day. All procession have done at 8 PM.