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On Tanah Lot Temple there are two main building called "Pelinggih Utama" that located in east side and north side. Pelinggih that located in east side have a special building like high rise umbrella which in Balinese called "Meru". Meru is a building which sanctified by Hinduism people cause according to belief, Meru representing place for a God that guard the temple. Pelinggih in east side have Meru with five level and according to priest of the temple, this place is place of "Dewa Baruna" as the power of the ocean. While, Pelinggih that located in north side have Meru with three level and this place is place of Dang Hyang Dwi Jendra, cause He was builld Tanah Lot Temple.

Besides of two main building, also there are some other small building that located in left side and right side from the two main building (Pelinggih Utama). Where is, the small buildings representing a place to have pray from devotee of Dang Hyang Dwi Jendra. And also there are three building (Pelinggih) that located in back side of Meru with five level.