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 The flute is one of the inflatable musical instruments and is one of the ancestral Indonesia. In general flute made of bamboo, although currently there is also made of other materials such as copper. To make a bamboo flute, requires persistence and perseverance, which began to cut bamboo in accordance with the size of 30 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm. After the bamboo cut to the desired size, and given the holes and bamboo covered with paper to hold the air, thus producing sound. Final stage, polished flutes to be better.  The flute is one of the unique musical instruments. Uniqueness among others, his voice unique, and can be mixed or combined with a musical instrument or other music, with bamboo flute remains as the main instrument. In Bali, the bamboo flute is one instrument that is mainstream. In the countryside, bamboo flutes usually played by peasants in the fields. Besides that, the bamboo flute are often used as a complement to music in the drama show or traditional dance show.

At Tanah Lot tourism object, bamboo flutes are sold in many art market Tanah Lot as souvenirs. Flute there are various colors and sizes. The price is ranging from thirty thousand rupiahs or more. Which attracted many tourists to buy it because his voice is unique. When low tide during the day sometimes late in the afternoon you can see there is an old man who plays the bamboo flute. He is the guardian of the sacred snake in a cave in front of Tanah Lot temple. He played the bamboo flute to pass the time while waiting for the visitors who come to the cave of holy snake. The bamboo flute sound is very beautiful and make tourists amazed to hear it. So you can try to come to Tanah Lot tourism object and if you lucky you can hear this sound.