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February 2017 Highlights in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

Tumpekklurut28NovFebruary 4th, Tumpek Landep, Taking place on the Saturday of Landep in the second week of the Pakuwon, Tumpek Landep is a day of offerings to the weapons of war in Bali. These include guns or other weapons and in particular, the sacred kris. Family members who own such a weapon take it to the family temple where it is unsheathed. It is then sprinkled with holy water and presented with offerings of woven coconut leaves, flowers, and fruits. Prayers are offered by a priest or a balian as they know the exact mantras. Although on Tumpek Landep it is originally specified for weapons of war, you will notice as you travel around the island or in the tourist areas motorcycles, trucks and cars adorned with offerings. These were thought to be lethal weapons and as such are included on this day.

The Tanah Lot Art Market Shopping Experience PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageTanah Lot Art Market provides some pleasurable experiences for keen shoppers and there is no limit to the availability of goods to choose from. While the department stores and more established shops of Kuta and Denpasar feature fixed prices, it is always enjoyable to patronize market stalls and street vendors to try negotiating for goods at bargain prices. Bartering is a source of social interaction for sellers and it is important to maintain a keen sense of humour throughout the entire process. Tanah Lot Art Market has a fun sense of resort fashion that blends vibrant sarongs and tropical prints with crisp linen fabrics and flowing white cottons.



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