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Holiday has come. As always happens almost every year, Tanah Lot Bali will be flooded by domestic tourist from Java for a full week as a result of a week holiday from the government to celebrate Idul Fitri. So everyone will not gonna missed that great opportunity to go for holiday with the family and Tanah Lot Bali is one of the destination. Most hotels in surrounding Tanah Lot Bali are fully booked for the holiday period in late September-early October, including during the Idul Fitri celebration on October 1st and 2nd. In Tanah Lot Bali, crowded situation start seen on Sunday, September 28th, 2008. Most of visitor are non-moslem people which came to Bali to go for holiday and some are foreign tourist such as Australian, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Chinese, and more.


Tanah Lot Bali management usually prepared it self to greeting the idul fitri day. All department specially security department which assisted with pecalang, parking department, ticketing department and public relation department already complete with their program. This situation needed to keep all visitor which visit Tanah Lot Bali safety and comfort, said made Sujana as Operational Manager of Tanah Lot Bali. He said, all of his staff usually stand by and ready for greeting Idul Fitri and anticipating crowded situation in Tanah Lot Bali so that bad things will not happened.


Note, Tanah Lot  Bali which located in Beraban village, Kediri district, Tabanan regency is always visited by thousands of tourist during school holiday, both domestic tourist and foreign tourist. In year 2007 amount of visitor during Idul Fitri are 8.567 visitor both domestic and foreigner. And now estimated will more increase then last year. Visitor usually crowded before evening until sunset happen. Most of them came with entourage accompanied with tour guide.