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Active ImageTanah Lot Tourism Object which located in Beraban village, Kediri district, Tabanan regency is always visited by thousands of tourist during school holiday, both domestic tourist and foreign tourist. Until now, start from July 1st, 2008, tourism object which serve the exotic panorama from a temple and beautiful sunset, visited by about 79.341 are adult visitor and 6604 are children visitor. Although school holiday will end soon on July 14th, 2008. This situation affirmed by Operational Manager of Tanah Lot, Mr. I Made Sujana. He said, during the school holiday of this year, amount of visitor which visit Tanah Lot Tourism Object totalize reach until 85.945 visitor both domestic and foreigner. Estimated, top of crowded situation will happen until tomorrow.


If compared with  holiday year 2007, amount of visitor at Tanah Lot Tourism Object increase reaching 20.58%. Visitor will crowded before evening until sunset happen. Most of them came with entourage accompanied with tour guide. This situation will be increase until holiday end. Forwards, the actions which will conduct to make visitor feel comfort and enjoy stay in Tanah Lot Tourism Object is giving the best service for all visitor both domestic visitor or foreign visitor.


Besides of that in order to successful Visit Indonesian Year 2008 program which purpose to increasing the amount of visitor, Tanah Lot Tourism Object also participated. This proved with performing various event both national or international. Tanah Lot 10 kilometre and Tanah Lot International Kites Festival will be perform to supporting Visist Indonesian Year 2008 program. Because that two events already requested for annual calendar event in order to inreasing tourism in Indonesia generally and for Bali specially.