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 This day is a holy day Anggara kasih Medangsia. Anggarakasih Medangsia falls on selasa kliwon (thusday), 210 days a year according to Bali calendar system. In this feast, Hindus people make offering that were brought to some of temple which exist on their village. Beside that, Hindus people also make offering to mrajan in their house. It is on Anggarakasih Medangsia (Balinese Hindu Calendar) or on every Tuesday where on that time the society do the worship or pray to request the safety and prosperity.

On the day Anggarakasih Medangsia, Hindus people worship God as a manifestation of religious Ludra. Religion tradition in Bali was recorded as strong as Hyang Widhi worships Shiva-Rudra or Rodasi, as conceived and formulated by the momentum Purnama-Tilem. In this regard Rudra connected with Surya, shining bright reddish, as a buster of all poverty. Shiva Rudra was also revered in bhuta yajnya ceremony in Bali until Ekadasa Rudra (Shiva-omnipotence eleven Rudra), in his manifest to become Shiva Mahadeva.

In Tanah Lot temple, on this feast of many Hindus come to pray. Usually those who pray to the Tanah Lot temple after you've done in their homes. Feast of  Anggara kasih Medangsia also coincided with a anniversary celebration in  Puseh temple and Dangin Bingin temple in Beraban Village. Beside that, this day is one day after Purnama is festival of Dalem Temple  which one of representing Sad Kahyangan in Beraban village.