Tanah Lot Still Fulfilled by Visitor Altough The Sea Waving is High PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageLately sea waving on coast in Indonesia including in Bali more high then usually until reach 5 metre. So that in Segara Kidul Tanah Lot which include in coast at the south side of Bali. Like yesterday, at Tanah Lot coast the sea waving is high which caused the area around Tanah Lot Temple and Penyawang Temple fulfilled by sea water. To antisipate negative things lifeguard or rescue team from operational management of tanah lot tourism object also installed warning board about high tide for visitor so that visitor not too close with the area.

Also at Batubolong coast. Sea waving high too and punching the reef which caused enjung galuh area felt vibrate by flinging down waving but not too strength. The moment not to overcome by visitor. They also take the picture of the high sea waving. But they must allert with the condition and must follow the instruction from lifeguard. They can take the picture but they can not too close with the reef because the high of  sea waving is dangerous. Besides high  of sea waving, at Tanah Lot object the weather also cloudly which caused rain fall down during two days later.

Although the weather always cloudly and rainy, but Tanah Lot Tourism Object still fulfilled by visitor either in the morning and evening. Tanah Lot still become favorite place to visited during holiday. The rain and high sea waving not become reason not to visit Tanah Lot. Although visitor can not reach until Tanah Lot Temple area, but they already satisfied to see the panorama from Sunset Terrace. It is of cource with still pay attention to warning board and other instruction too keep safety and balmy for each visitor.