Sea shells on the Tanah Lot Coast PDF Print E-mail

 Tanah Lot Tourism Object in addition to highlighting the beauty panorama of the beach and pretend that there is in the middle of the sea, also keeps the natural potential of life under the sea. Various kinds of marine animals living there. One of them is sea shells. Many communities around the Tanah Lot looking for of sea shells. Not infrequently they are willing to dive for sea shells because it is so many benefits.

Sea shells is a kind of animal is soft-bodied water (molusca). Shells have a valve or a symmetrical shells connected by a ligament (connective tissue). In most shells, there are two adductor muscles that govern open-shell lid.

Shells do not have a head (and brain) and only has eyes simping. Organ which is owned by the kidneys, heart, mouth, and anus. Scallops can move with "legs" sort of a flat organ that issued from the shell at any time or by opening and closing the shells are staggering. Open circulation system, meaning no blood vessels. Oxygen supply comes from the blood very nutrient-rich liquid and oxygen surrounding organs. Food oysters is by filtering plankton. All the oysters are male while young. Some will be in line with the mature female.

Many benefits to be derived from sea shells. Among them as a food ingredient. Processed into side dishes accompanying the rice. Taken part in it is a form of software. The food is very good for our health because it contains proteins and high calories. Very good for our brain development. Many restaurants in the archipelago provides food menu is made from sea shells. And a menu that fond favorite for seafood.

In addition, sea shells used as a craft. Among others as picture frames, lamps, various kinds of animal knickknacks, home decorations and much more. That in addition to handicrafts sold in the country also exported abroad. At Tanah Lot art market there are many common variety of knick knacks that are made of shells.