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 Various water sports are created for sport challenges lovers to conquer the waves and sea breeze. In Bali,  water  sport which is now a trend  is  surfing . One of the beaches or areas suitable for surfing is at Tanah Lot beach, exactly in the west of Tanah Lot temple or often referred to Enjung Galuh area.

When you visit Bali, you are served a wonderful panoramic view and the diversity and uniqueness of Balinese culture. You can also do this surfing activity. Many options available coast, from which a small wave to the largest. Each beach in the Indian Ocean region has a different beach characteristics. Like for example the most famous beach in Bali, Kuta Beach. On this beach has waves are small and elongated, and the wind is not too tight so it is suitable for beginners.

A little to the west you will find a good place to surf that is Canggu beach , on this beach you will find clean beaches and beautiful. On the beach has great waves and the wind is very conducive to surfing. Usually people surf here is the people who are proficient. Many tourists who surf here, some from Europe, from Asia, from Australia and many more, there are also local residents.

Further west you will find the famous beach with the existing temple in the middle of the sea that is Tanah Lot. This beach you will find big waves and wind are also good and very supportive, but here you surf with other natural difficulties that have coral reefs. So that tourists or locals who surf here are people who are very skilled in his field and was very familiar with the situation in this place. And the most important thing in surfing, you should be able to swim and good stamina.