"Tumpek Uduh" in Tanah Lot, Ceremony for Plants PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageTumpek Uduh ceremony falls on Saturday April 25, 2014. Tumpek Uduh also known as Tumpek Wariga or Tumpek Pengatag devoted to Sanghyang Sangkara, Lord of all food - plants when blessing ceremony is given to them for good crops and products, held at every plantation and farm throughout the island. It is a ritual ceremony dedicated to the vegetations. On that day Balinese Hindu including in Beraban village and almost of balinese people at Tanah Lot too pray to give instruction or suggestion for the vegetation to provide a lot of food (fruits, leaves, etc).


It enables the Balinese to make any preparation to hail Galungan Day that will come in a few weeks ahead. It comes once in every six months or every 210 days, suggesting the Balinese to worship God Sangkara the God of Vegetation. It’s a right time to beg the God to give His grace so the vegetation can provide a lot of crops.