"Ngaben Massal Ceremony" at Beraban Village Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

ngabenNgaben is one of devoting ceremony that's called "Pitra Yadnya". Ngaben is ceremony based on the trust on Hindu people with aim to return the elements that creating the harsh body of human being to its provenance. There is two steps of Ngaben :

1. Returning the harsh body of human being it's called "Stula Sarira" to five elements that's called "Panca Maha Butha"

2. Returning the elements which implied soul (in Bali referred as Atma) that stayed in the harsh body of human being to its provenance that is Panca Maha Butha (in Hindu people referred as Memukur).

Ngaben can be done at the moment of someone die or after someone have been buried. Such as at Beraban village, Ngaben Massal will be held on June 24th, 2012 at Wantilan Pura Dalem Beraban start from 9 AM til finish. This ceremony called "Ngaben Massal" because followed by entire society that is coming from entire Beraban Village. Ngaben massal in Beraban village usually held every five years. This ceremony can be follow by entire society at Beraban village who wants to participate.