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simalungunThe group of Simalungun Government which about 90 peoples, consisting of the District Government, Members of  Simalungun Parliament, and the subdistrict, arrived at Tanah Lot on 5.15 pm, greeted by the Operational Manager of Tanah Lot, and  accompanied by regional secretary of Tabanan government. After a short break in management office, then the groups go to Tanah Lot temple to see the temple which famous with the beautiful sunset and hospitality of its people, while looking at holly springs (holy water) that can not be found in the other place. This holy water is fresh water that is come from middle of the sea and is believed to cure diseases. And also saw a snake that supposedly sacred in Tanah Lot. Taking pictures together and see the sunset.  After satisfied, groups go to Melasti Restaurant which is only 100 meters from Tanah Lot temple.

Banquet, as well as fasting together with the Tabanan government was attended by Head Regent of Tabanan, Vice-Regent of Tabanan, Tabanan Parliament, and others. And on that occasion was also attended by community figure that is Mr. Adi Wiryatama (former  Head Regent of Tabanan). Before dinner, groups was served with a welcoming dance "Oleg Tamulilingan"  which tells of two teenage lovers in love again. This dance is a creation of the artist of Tabanan area, where this dance will be patented by the Regent of Tabanan became a Tabanan icon. On that moment, Ms. Eka Wiryastuti as Head Regent of Tabanan gives souvenirs that was a regency symbols, and accompanied by Mr. Komang Sanjaya as Vice Regent of Tabanan. From Simalungun regency, was gave red cloth tied to Ms. Eka, which means the symbol for women leaders in Simalungun, as well as black  cloth tied to Vice Regent.

In her speech, Ms. Eka Wiryastuti said need cooperation of both regency,  cultural exchange, mutual respect and appreciate the culture of each region. Also on that moment, Head Regency of Simalungun express their appreciation to the Tabanan regency, Tanah Lot and Melasti restaurant. After enjoying the night panorama and Tanah Lot sea waves, the Simalungun government leaved Tanah Lot area on 10.00 pm.