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galungan1Penyajaan Galungan for Balinese is always a day full of cookies, Tanah Lot is covered with cookies. As its name suggest, the words “penyajaan” is derived from the word “jaja” which means “cookies. Various fried rice dough cookies are made for offering on Galungan (the day of victory). The creativity and patience of Balinese women are put into test when making these cookies since they usually have intricate pattern with different shapes and colors.

Heaps of cookies are everywhere, in traditional markets, in roadside stalls and of course every house compound is filled with half processed cookies. Penyajaan Galungan is also devoted for meditation and self control. Ancient lontar scripture, Sundarigama, describes this day as “Pangastawaning sang ngamong yoga samadhi.”

This means “the day for those who practice yoga and meditation”. On this day the second personification of three evil forces (Bhuta Dungulan) comes to the world to temp the human being. It is believed by Balinese that on this day, evil force (Bhuta Dungulan) will temp humans with lust for power and control over someone else. For Balinese, self control and meditation are the ultimate weapons for fighting the temptation of the evil force.

In combination Penyajaan Galungan therefore means, 'to be victorious in the war' (against adharma). In a symbolic sense Penyajaan Galungan is the time that the Balinese Hindu's should be 'glorious and victorious' in respect with their inner struggle against adharma so they will be safe for the second symbolic temptation of the Kala-tiganing Galungan (or Sang Kala Tiga) who descends this day to earth as Sang Bhuta Dungulan. Penyajaan Galungan takes place two days before Galungan Day at Soma Pon, the Monday of the 11th week of the Balinese Pawukon calendar, Dungulan.