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Active ImageMost of area in Tabanan which famous with the rice mow of Bali, including at Beraban village Tanah Lot, nowadays start paddy crop with result of production is enough nicely. They harvest paddy by chopping down rice straw on part of jetty, then heaped later. After finishing to chop down rice straw, all labour start to moult paddy seeds by lambasting thumped to coved bamboo blade. Like as a rule, in this tourism object area generally harvest high yield rice, like IR type, that goes on subak (=irrigating system in bali)  areal or farmer group.


In one area, seen paddy crop take place in one carpet, whereas other paddy carpet of its paddy seed seen still green, even there are exist impregnation process.  According to some labour in beraban, in this region system plant and paddy crop ordinary take place with surging. But in one subak, will plant and crop at the same time. One of the labour express that, seen from paddy seeds circuity, result of its harvest will enough nicely.  " Possible one hectare can gyrate 6-7 ton. This paddy season crop seen enough nicely," say her as great as showing yellow paddy carpet  which will harvest of.  

According to data from Local Agriculture Department, Tabanan which have two topographic region, coast and mountain, have wide of rice field areal about  23 thousand hectare, which representing most  wide area if compared with other sub-province in Bali. According to data from Statistical Body Center (BPS) Bali, paddy production in this province region at year 2007 estimated about 793 thousand ton dry shell of rice (GKG). Go down among 5-6 % compared with year 2006 which according to uncertain data almost  reaching 841 thousand ton.