Again, Tanah Lot Clean Up on Sunday PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageClean up activity always emboldened in Tanah Lot Tourism Object lately after many of  the dengue case in most of all  Bali's area,  including in sub-province of Tabanan happened. This matter which push hence from Operational Management of Tanah Lot Tourism Object with whole side including society element, in this case all merchant, to active to execute clean up activity every week in each household environment, including in Tanah Lot area. Like yesterday, most staff from management and merchants doing clean up activity again. Planned, this activity will perform every sunday every week in the morning.

Every man and woman which use each equipment like broom and scythe seen seriously doing their job. The woman collecting garbage which their broom, while the man, crashed the wild plant. All garbage in every part of Tanah Lot area collected including young coconut garbage. This garbage representing favorite place for mosquito's larva cause dengue disease. So that must be cleaned by burned it. This activity reach until empty farm and resident of society which located at east side which still seldom be touched by hygiene officer during the time.

After all garbage collected, then that garbages burned later. All process start from 7 AM and finish until 8 AM. After finish, activity continued with giving a food and beverage to all participant which have followed to participate on this event. Hope, performed of this activity routinely will be able to prevent disseminating of dengue disease and take care of society environment, still clean and hygienic. Also, the same activity will perform next sunday, at the same time and same place.