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Ngaben is part of Pitra Yadnya ceremony that according to belief of Hindus people, with aim to return elements that creating harsh body of human being to their original place called Panca Maha Butha. There is two step of Ngaben : (1).  Return the harsh body element of human being (Stula Sarira) to their original place (Panca Maha Butha). (2). Return of elements which implied in harsh body of human being to their original place (Panca Maha Butha), in Hindu people called Memukur. Ngaben can be executed at the time when someone die or also later after someone buried first. This matter according to the ability of other families. In Ngaben ceremony modelled that the Panca Maha Butha element can be returned to their original place by throwing away the ash to river. 





Melasti is ceremony aimed for hallowing objects that becoming God epitomizing according to belief of Hindus people in Bali. Melasti usually executed at Tilem or full moon. Because Hindu people believe at full moon the God that is in the sea will send holy water to sanctify universe along with its contents. So that all epitomizing or pratima of God brought to the sea to get hallowing of God which is in the sea


Odalan or Temple Anniversary



Odalan ceremony represent part of Dewa Yadnya with aim to realize Hindus people feel thanks to God because have earned to realize or develop temple that is place of God. Usually, odalan adapted with founded of a temple. Generally commemorated six-month once as according to calendar or sasih


Mapag Angin


According to Sengara Bumi papyrus, Mapag Angin is dedicated to God as strength of nature. Intention of Mapag Angin ceremony is to request safety of world or earth. According to trust of Hindus people start from six-calendar, strengths of nature have had the hot character that causing the nature disaster. Then this ceremony performed start form six-calendar until nine-calendar. 


Pecaruan is ceremony part of Butha Yadnya with aim to submit treat to God which in character as strength of universe. On the chance of God with strength of Panca Maha Butha give prosperity for  human being. Butha Yadnya ceremony have a level from smallest that is our environment tread on until world scope, that is from mesegeh, mecaru, and Tawur

Tiga Bulanan or Three Months Baby Ceremony

Tiga Bulanan is part of Manusa Yadnya ceremony that aimed for baby scalely and is immaterial. This ceremony executed when the baby 3 months years old because according to belief  that 3 months years old, we can announcement to God which is in human being body either through immaterial scale and or existence the baby live in the world. For example, step of the baby for the first time. 


Potong Gigi or Tooth Filling


Potong Gigi is part of Manusa Yadnya ceremony with aimed to human being. Believed that in 17 year old represent climax of passion influence or Sad Ripu at human being. With this ceremony we can tame Sad Ripu at human being with crosscut durability symbol that is the tooth at human being. So that by cutting a tooth we can control passion of human being. 

Pernikahan  or Marriage

Pernikahan (Marriage) is part of Manusa Yadnya ceremony. Where is authentication made a ceremony as announcement to God and universe. According to Hindus people believed that with marriage ceremony this means men and woman which have bound itself have seceded from its teen-age to household experience with obligatory order and go to society life.  

Ogoh-ogoh or Scary Monster

Ogoh-ogoh is one of artistic creativity form of Hindu people which related with pecaruan ceremony that executed in ninth full moon (Pengrupukan) one day before Nyepi. Ogoh-Ogoh represent symbol of strengths of universe that influencing this nature. Usually this ogoh-ogoh brought encircle the countryside at pengrupukan. Because believed, with brought this ogoh-ogoh aim to dissipate blindly of Butha Kala or negative element in order, not to bother human being.  


Besides of Tiga Bulanan, in bali also there is term Ngangkid in the sea. The meaning of this ceremony is to request sweeping to the God which is in the sea. Imploringly holy water which its meaning as sweeping of x'self from all coherent dirts in our body. Here, baby realized as small bole which swept away to middle of sea then lifted or diangkid from the sea to continent so that its referred as Ngangkid.