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Tanah Lot 10 K 2008 performed on September 12, 2008 combined with Okokan & Tektekan Colossal and Tanah Lot Kites Festival 2008. This event held  every year. The theme for this event is "Run for Peace", and will be toned up by expected guest star that can amuse all participants after follow the run event. Besides of that, with biggest totally prize and door prize, this event expected can draw enthusiasm of participants to follow the spektaculer event. With the safety route from Kediri to Tanah Lot Bali, where as long as the route fulfilled by green rice field panorama with the fresh air, very compatible place for Tanah Lot 10 K.

There are the list of winner :

1. General (Men)

    - 1st winner : Jauhari Johan from Bank Sumsel

    - 2nd winner : Ari Suandana from Salatiga

    - 3rd winner : Veri from West Java  

    - 1st expectation : Noce from Middle Java  

    - 2nd expectation : Faizin from Salatiga

    - 3rd expectation : Osias Kamlase from Bali

    - 4th expectation : Samgar Kamlase from Bali

    - 5th expectation : Nico Sila from Jasdam IX Udayana

    - 6th expectation : R. Salam Pessy from Buleleng, Bali

    - 7th expectation : Yohanes Seran from Klungkung, Bali 

2. General (Women)

    - 1st winner : Rianingsih from Salatiga

    - 2nd winner : Novita Andriani from Salatiga

    - 3rd winner : Unik Setiyorini from Salatiga

    - 1st expectation : Siti Muawanah from Magelang  

    - 2nd expectation : Rumini from Jakarta

    - 3rd expectation : Ni Putu Antari from Tabanan, Bali

    - 4th expectation : Novi from Denpasar, Bali

    - 5th expectation : Andrea from Germany

    - 6th expectation : Yande from Denpasar, Bali

    - 7th expectation : Agustina from Denpasar, Bali 

3. Student (Men)

    - 1st winner : Wayan Adnyana from Bangli, Bali

    - 2nd winner : M. Adam from SMPN 3 Tabanan

    - 3rd winner : Edy Raka from Bangli, Bali

    - 1st expectation : Kristianus from Klungkung, Bali

    - 2nd expectation : I Wayan Sembawa from SMA 1 Kintamani

    - 3rd expectation : William from SMA 1 Sukasada

    - 4th expectation : Darma Wijaya from Bangli, Bali

    - 5th expectation : Ketut Arta Jaya from SMA Darma Praja

    - 6th expectation : I Made Eliska Darmawan  from SMA 1 Selemadeg

    - 7th expectation : I Made Ari Putra Suardika from SMA 1 Kerambitan

4. Student (Women)

    - 1st winner : Ni Putu Ayu Sukerti from Bangli, Bali

    - 2nd winner : Jublina Soleh  from Denpasar, Bali

    - 3rd winner : Ni Kade Primayani from Bangli, Bali

    - 1st expectation : Ni Kade Jamiari from Bangli, Bali   

    - 2nd expectation : KM. Raminingsih from Bangli, Bali   

    - 3rd expectation : Ayu Candra Dian P. from SMP 1 Selemadeg Timur

    - 4th expectation : Ni Komang Ayu Supartini from SOS Taruna Bali

    - 5th expectation : Ari Ratna Dewi  from Baturiti

    - 6th expectation : KM. Sukraning Sri  from SOS Taruna Bali

    - 7th expectation : Ni Luh Putu Restiti from SMK Baturiti