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 Tanah Lot Kites Festival 2008 held on September 12th until September 14th, 2007. With brand "Giant Kites Show" and theme "Flying for Peace", this festival followed by 158 kites group (sekaa layangan) and amount of kites are 369 kites, that come from local Bali area. Before, on September 12th, 2008, held the opening ceremony that toned up by "Okokan and Tektekan Colosal" with 1500 dancer, there are all art actor from Tabanan regency. There are winners for Tanah Lot Kites Festival 2008. Check this out, who knows, your kites group are win.



It have the form of fish, as a symbol of property, in which fish is important for our life either for ceremony or daily needed for our meal, and there are abundant in our surrounding either at the sea, river, on the lake even the rice field.




List of winner :

- 1st winner : Ni Nyoman Desak Swarningsih

- 2nd winner : ST. Mekar Kusuma

- 3rd winner : Wenara Petak

- 1st expectation : Cool & Sejuk

- 2nd expectation : Tabiya Ranti

- 3rd expectation : Trompong Mas


It’s a special kite, with a long tail about 200m and it has a special colour : red, black, white (Tri Datu), in Hindu religions as a symbol of “Benawang Nala/Naga Besuki “ which is mean “ the equilibrium of the universe”.



List of winner :

- 1st winner : Sekaa Demen Melayangan

- 2nd winner : Sekehe Kanti Sidakarya

- 3rd winner : ST. Tunas Muda Bet Ngandang Sanur

- 1st expectation : Dwi Guna Sentana

- 2nd expectation : Batan Klampit

- 3rd expectation : Rare Angon Sawangan


This kite has form like a carved, as a symbol of positive and negative ( good and bad ) but they should be needed each other and together making unity forever.



List of winner :

- 1st winner : I Made Sunarta

- 2nd winner : The Dalu Sakti

- 3rd winner : ST. Putra Bahari

- 1st expectation : Belog Polos

- 2nd expectation : Was Teben Community

- 3rd expectation : Lalah Manis


New Creation Kites

It has a special form, which is adjust to the owner to developing their idea, creativity and innovation.




List of winner :

- 1st winner : Bagero

- 2nd winner : Orlande

- 3rd winner : Legu Jering

- 1st expectation : Pemuda Perempatan

- 2nd expectation : Gunung Club

- 3rd expectation : Angler