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Batu Bolong located 100 meters in the west side of Enjung Galuh Temple, to be exact at Enjung Batu Bolong, which is the rock that stick out in to the sea was hollow (bolong). Above of Batu Bolong, there is a temple named Batu Bolong Temple. Batu Bolong Temple was built to pray God for holiness.

Batu Bolong area is a place that always used to held Melasti Ceremony and Pakelem Ceremony, where the meaning of both Ceremonies is to purify the world. The Ceremony of Batu Bolong Temple is every Rabu (Wednesday) Wage, Wara Langkir according to the Balinese calendar. 

Besides uses for religious ceremony, Batu Bolong area also could uses for many other activities for visitor such as :

- watching sunset, best angle after enjung galuh area

- fotography object

- pre-wedding foto shot

- relax place

- surfing area at batu bolong coast