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Active ImageLately, Tanah Lot Bali became a place where some international events were held such as International Kites Festival and Kecak 5000 which listed on Indonesia’s record museum. This was good since there were some events which could attract many tourists to come to Tanah Lot Bali. Moreover, peoples are also very pleased with these events. But sometime, because of the time was very close even more overlap one with another, tourism;culture;tourist and balinese people can not be separated. So, Tanah Lot as one of cultural tourism in Bali always try to develop it self to face competition in the future.

In developing cultural tourism, several things need to be considered, that is the integration application between sustainable development principles, sustainable tourism principles, and management of cultural resources principles.


The principles which become base of cultural tourism development should be based on community. Community should be involved in all activities of planning, implementation and supervision of cultural tourism. Awareness, appreciation, and concern for the protection of the environment, social and cultural life is also needed.