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Tanah Lot Sunset Terrace is located in front of Tanah Lot Temple, where you can find unforgettable moment of Sunset in Tanah Lot. The visitor can find this place by walked as long as pathway that close with Tanah Lot Temple area. In this place you will find restaurant with complete fasility, puppets painting museum, money changer, and many balinese gift outlets. Sunset Terrace is one place in Tanah Lot area provides the perfect setting to create the unforgettable moment of sunset. With beautiful panorama, you could enjoy luxurious breakfast and lunch. You could relax with your favorite meal or beverages also you could enjoy the panorama of Tanah Lot Temple when the water was of tide. In the area of Sunset Terrace, from heigt place above the rock, you could enjoy the panorama of sunset while you enjoy your meal or beverages, that provided by booths which selling the famous beverages in Tanah Lot thats called fresh coconut water or "Kelapa Muda" and the other beverages.

Many facilities was provided in Tanah Lot Sunset Terrace. There are statue shop which selling so many statue that made by wood, Gung Cidera puppets museum which presenting puppets painting with various character that inspiration by puppets story from first era in the world, Painting gallery that presenting all of things about human, plant, animal, environment, and the other that can be the inspiration of painter to describe their imagination with painting, Restaurant which selling any other food and beverages like japanese food, european food, indonesian food, and also balinese food. Visitor can enjoy their breakfast or lunch while they enjoy the panorama of Tanah Lot Temple area and blue sea. The most important facilities is toilet. Usually, every restaurant or gallery provide this facility for visitor who visit their place. In the evening, there so many tourist take the moment of beatiful sunset from the Sunset Terrace area. Because from this place you can seeing all panorama surrounding the Tanah Lot Temple. With Tanah Lot Temple background and wide of coast with south coast waving that is very uniq and typhical. So that moment will becoming the unforgettable moment beyonce in your life.