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Tanah Lot completed with Art Market for all of visitors who wants to buy any gift especially Balinese Art gift. You could choose many kinds of gift, for example shirt, sarong, hat, sandal, merchandise, painting statue, neckless, balinese kites, and other gift with Balinese style. Tanah Lot Art Market located in surrounding Tanah Lot like in parking area and as long as areal go to Tanah Lot Temple. Most of merchants (shop owner) are from Beraban Village. And some are from outside Beraban Village. In this market, price of any gift usually multifarious depended of kind of gift, form of gift, materials and difficulty level.



This is example of gift that sell in Tanah Lot Art Market. This crafting is made from wood and bamboo which carved become all kind of crafting like, statue with multifarious form , wood painting, bamboo castanets, and the other. The merchant of this craft usually getting this gift from all around bali's area like gianyar, and also made by them selves. Price for this craft is start from Rp. 10.000,- and can reach until millions rupiah. Besides the crafting, in Tanah Lot Art Market also selling clothes with Balinese style like, shirt, pants, hat, sarong and so many other. Most of the clothes have balinese style because most of domestic or foreign visitor very like all things about bali specially about Tanah Lot Temple. Besides of that situation, the merchant exploiting that moment to draw the enthusiasm of visitor. For this product, the merchant usually give the price start from Rp. 10.000,- and can reach until hundreds of thousands rupiah. With complete Art Market, hope all of visitors satisfied and enjoyable to visit Tanah Lot. And they not bored to come again to Tanah Lot.