Special Day : Tilem Kalima in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

 Today is day of a new moon or hindus people called "Tilem". On this day extra offerings are made around the family compound, as well as some offerings placed on the ground at the entrance to the house compound. The towering 'sesajen' offerings are also often taken to the village temple. New moon for this time called  "Tilem Kalima" according to balinese calendar.  Some people believe that to bathe in water perfumed by the fragrant petals of the frangipani flower under the light of the full moon will wash away your sins, while ensuring that you will remain youthfully attractive.


Kalima is also the long-awaited month for Balinese farmers since its rain is essential for the rice fields. Kalima (November) is also a ceremony season in Bali since Kalima is considered to be a lucky month for the ceremony.

Many temple anniversaries will be held on the full moon of Kalima, besides there also many rites of passage especially wedding ceremony takes place this month. With its soothing rains and blooming flowers, the beauty of Kalima is immortalized by many Balinese traditional poets in Kakawin or Geguritan (a kind of traditional poem). At Tanah Lot Temple now, many villager bring some offerings to the temple, to their booth or art shop which exist in Tanah Lot area.