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Penataran Temple is one among of several temples in Tanah Lot area. According to "Rontal Siwagama", the function of Penataran Temple is as a Panti Temple or temple for families to have a pray. It is located in the north of Tanah Lot Temple. Penataran Temple is a place to pray for God and his manifestation in Tanah Lot Temple for wellness and happyness. Prayer or "pangempon" for Penataran Temple not just consist of one clan, but consist of three clans there are pande clan, pasek beraban clan, and pasek nyitdah clan. Besides there are one temple that called "Padmasana", there are two temple named "Ratu Pasek" and "Ratu Pande". 

The Ceremony of Penataran Temple has two ceremony days, the first day is same as Tanah Lot Temple which is held every 210 days on  “Rebo Wage, Wara Langkir” with the priest or "Pemangku" is Dane Jro Mangku Pandia, and the second day is on “Rebo Wage, Wara Merakih”  according to the Balinese calendar and the priest or "Pemangku" is Dane Jro Mangku Geridip. The fact at one temple, there is two ceremony days that is different, will become a question. This question come, cause according to culture and balinese calendar there are not two ceremony days in other temple in Bali. Question and analyze like before need to be told to know about the function and status from Penataran Temple.


So that, Penataran temple not become Clan Temple or "Pura Kawitan" for some clan only. But if we according to function and status concept for Penataran Temple generally, Penataran Temple is part of Tanah Lot Temple as its function as "Dang Kahyangan Temple". If this analize can accept, so that can find a true source of concept, that Penataran Temple is part of Tanah Lot Temple, same with Penataran Agung Besakih Temple is represent Penataran Temple for the Gods (Bhatara) in Agung Mount. If we want to pray in Tanah Lot Temple, if the tide is high, we can not pray at Tanah Lot Temple directly. The possible is from Penataran Temple. So that, as a conclusion for a while (before doing the systematic study and research), that the prayer for Penataran Temple that consist of three clans, not as "pangamong" for Penataran Temple like told in Rontal Siwagama.