Memorial of Jesus Christ's Death at Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

 The Indonesian government officially recognizes five religions: Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu. Some of these are national holidays, others are not. Many of these dates change from year to year, as they are based on other calendars. The Ministry of Religion decides the dates on which religious holidays will be held each year. The following are faith-based holidays that are national holidays (tanggal merah) in Indonesia. And today is commemorates the memorial of Jesus Christ Death ascended. Today is a holiday for most people in the world including in Bali. Most people both christian and other religion usually spent their holiday with visit tourism object.

Tanah Lot already fulfilled by visitor from yesterday. Because it is long weekend from yesterday, the Indonesian legislative election. From morning, many bus and visitors came to Tanah Lot to spent their long weekend. And will more increase on afternoon during sunset. Because in Tanah Lot there is the most beautiful sunset view in Bali.

Before they leaving Tanah Lot, they will shooping at Tanah Lot Art Market. There are large markets in tanah lot tourist attraction where you can buy just about anything your heart desires, from sarongs to jewelry, furniture to statues, little gift items to new bed frames. Both tourists and local Balinese shoppers frequent the tanah lot market. The front corner has most of the gift items for the tourist trade. The back, opposite corner is aimed at the local trade with more clothing and a very nice selection of sarong shops. If you want to step up from the splashing dolphin sarongs to a traditional print, head for the back. Here you can also find seamstresses who will gladly make up a temple outfit for you or sew you a nice dress from a favorite sarong.