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 Thousands of artists was taked part in the 2009 Tanah Lot  Art Festival (TLAF), which was held from May 30 to June 7, 2009. The cultural event was centralized at the special Tanah lot tourist attraction. During the nine-day program artists from 10 sub districts in Tabanan and 22 customary villages throughout the Kediri sub district was participated.

It is scheduled that the TLAF was inaugurated by Governor of Bali and attended by all regents and mayor across in Bali along with the stakeholders Bali tourism. A variety of art attractions in the opening was presented like gebogan (arrangement of assorted fruit and cakes) parades, bleganjur ensemble music by woman troupe across Tabanan Regency accompanied by the lines of rerontek, tedung, bandrang (various ritual paraphernalia) and other tools. Interestingly, the procession will pass through the area of Tanah Lot special tourist object and attraction at a distance of around 6 km and engage 962 entrants.

The art performance staged every day from 09:00 through 21:00 Local Time also displays the festivals of bleganjur, gong kebyar, barong bangkung, bondres mask, kelepon cake and martial art attraction. In addition, it was also presented some classical arts from the ’rice granary region’ (Tabanan) like baris memedi, baris cekurkuak and andir up to Hindu psalmody (geguritan). Special entertainments gracing the festival are joged bumbung and Cenk Blonk puppet shadow play.

Meanwhile, the small-medium enterprises of Tabanan Regency are given opportunity to exhibit their product, while the artist communities are engaged in painting and photography exhibition. There are four locations and stages appointed, namely the Surya Mandala Cultural Park, Tanah Lot Parking Area, Surya Mandala Parking Area, and Pakendungan Temple Hall. “We received enthusiastic welcome from the Beraban Customary Villagers, Customary Villagers across Kediri sub district and also other sub districts in Tabanan Regency as an evidence of societal involvement in maintaining and conserving the Tanah Lot tourist object and attraction,” said Made Sujana, Operational Manager of the Tanah Lot management.

Sujana affirmed that the most art potentials of Tabanan regency displayed could be watched together, so that it functioned as a promotional medium for tourists, both foreign and domestic. “This kind of promotional strategy was carried out persistently because it has been proved as one of the key successes to draw the tourist visits,” he said.

This matter has been proven based on the result of research organized at the end of 2008, researching about the tourists’ perception and influential factors of tourists to visit the tourist object attaining the Emerald Award of Tri Hita Karana Tourism Award 2008. The research found that the promotion carried out now becomes the third main factor out of thirteen factors attracting tourists to pay a visit to Tanah Lot, after historical value (story factor) and Balinese temple uniqueness. “Result of this research can be concluded that promotional strategy that we have executed during the time gives significant influence towards the increase of tourist visits to Tanah Lot,” Sujana said.