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Active ImageToday, tourism awareness group "Surya Chandra Tanah Lot" committee and staff from operational management Tanah Lot ngaturang ngayah (workforce) at Tanah Lot Temple on 7 AM. Because, tommorrow there will temple anniversary on Tanah Lot temple. Many  activity like collecting wewalungan, making ulam upakara and making penjor are part of Tanah Lot ceremony on October 28th, 2009 until October 31th, 2009 on Buda Cemeng Langkir. Wewalungan is all kind of equipment  which will used for ceremony like duck, chicken, goose, bebantenan and any other. After collected, all of that wewalungan must sacrifises first before used for "banten caru" for ceremony. Caru is devoting to the demon or bhuta kala, usually the form are with five chicken with a different color. The function of this offerings is so that the demon not disturb activities during the ceremony until finish.

"Ulam Upakara" consist of animal which will sacrifices for the ceremonies. Animal sacrifices or using animals in religious ceremonies is obligatory in Bali. Most of Balinese ceremonies require one or more animal to be scarified. Killing animal in this way is not considered a cruelty. When animal is killed in sacrifice, it acquires karma, enough perhaps, to allow it to be reincarnated at higher level.  

The body is not important to the Hindu faithful. It is shell. Animal that is killed for a sacrifice is always treated with a great reverence. Offering are made to it. Mantras are recited, asking for improved status in the next life. An animal cannot be sacrificed without these prayers and offerings. Animals that are sacrificed are various range from chicken, duck, goose, pig, dog, turtle, goat, water buffaloes, eagles even tiger. The animal sacrifices mostly occur in Bhuta Yadnya (rites for demon) ceremonies since demons love to see and taste blood and flesh. This bhuta yadnya is usually conducted to appease the demon and to restore the balance of positive and negative force.

Another activity is making "penjor". Penjor is one important Balinese religion instrument at the ceremonial occasion usually stood on the home ground often on the roadside and decorated in young coconut leaves. A Penjor is offering in the form of decorated bamboo pole whose gracefully curving upper end is said to resemble both the tail of the barong, symbol of goodness, and the peak of the sacred mountain, Mount Agung. Penjor will put down in some place at Tanah Lot Temple there are, first arch when entered Tanah Lot Temple area (close with Penyawang Temple), at Beji or source of holy water, at Penyawang Temple, and at Tanah Lot Temple.

Although at Tanah Lot Temple doing preparation for ceremony next two days, but many pemedek or prayer already coming to Tanah Lot Temple to do pray. They come before temple anniversary because they want to pray with silent and calm atmosphere. Because, when temple anniversary day, many hindus people pray so the prayer must milling around to pray.