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Active ImageYesterday, February 3th, 2008 at Beraban village Tanah Lot, there are melasti ceremony to Segara Kidul Tanah Lot. This ceremony is one part of ceremony before Karya Agung Ngenteg Linggih at Puseh Temple, Beraban village Tanah Lot. Ceremony perform at 7 AM, first all society at Beraban village gathering at Puseh Temple to prepare pemelastian. Each banjar that exist at Beraban village have had their own job. Pemelastian from Puseh Temple to Segara Kidul Tanah Lot leaving at 9 AM. The meaning of Melasti ceremony is a process of nature, human, and pratima (=symbol of God) cleansing before Karya Agung Ngenteg Linggih perform at February 12th, 2008, which is done by discarding all dirties with life water. Thus, the procession is done at water resources. It is done as late as before evening.

The procession was started with Jempana convoy and offerings, which were put to the edge beach, which the people walked up to the water. The offerings were then put on to the prepared table. In front of Beraban societies followers, Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Keniten(=priest who leading ceremony), which was accompanied by "wasi" and "sutri" from Griya Taman Blayu, Priest of Tanah Lot Temple, and Priest of Tri Kahyangan Temple that exist at Beraban village, led the praying by reading words, while the followers followed it silently.

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