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Nowadays, Friday, February 8, 2008, is the third day of Tanah Lot Temple ceremony. Today amount of pemedek not too much like the day before. But atmosphere of ceremony still felt. Coinsidence, situation of wave at Segara Kidul Tanah Lot is tide. So that pemedek who want to do pray, must pray at Penyawang Temple which is function is as madya mandala  (= middle place before jeroan ) of Tanah Lot Temple. Although pemedek only can pray at Penyawang Temple, but not influence solemnly of pemedek to devoting to the God or Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

If we seen, every hindus people in Bali which pray to Tanah Lot Temple bring devoting. That devoting, in the form is multifarious fruits like apple, orange, pear, special cake named roti kukus  with multivarious color and any other and lapped over is natty. Above, contain flower with multivarious color, canang sari, sampian, and a chicken which wrapped by plastic , in hindus people referred as gebogan. Gebogan is as a device to say thanks to the God to the all award and blessing which have been given. Gebogan usually brougth by balinese woman by carrying it on their head. Balinese people usually makes gebogan if there are religious ceremony like dewa yadnya like ceremony at the temple, manusa yadnya ceremony like marriages, tooth filling, three month baby ceremony, and any other.

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