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Yesterday, January 17th, 2008, which is "Sugian Jawa" day, perform "Ngambe ceremony" for new building that located at north side of public relation building. Purpose of ngambe ceremony is to required safety to the God so that the new building can durable and can function as according to the one which expected. Ngambe ceremony equivalent with "Melaspas Ceremony" but the elements (bebantenan/upakara) that used more smaller than melaspas ceremony. There are the elements that used for ngambe ceremony : jrimpen apajeg, prasita byakaonan, pengulapan, caru siap brumbun, peras daksina, and pakarya tirtha or holy water.

Ngambe ceremony at Tanah Lot attended by all of priest (pemangku) from Tanah Lot Temple and leading by Mangku Alit and Mangku Arya, which helped by penyrati or mangku istri  (priestess) from Tanah Lot Temple. 

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