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Once there was siap selem, the Black Hen, looking for food in the forest with her chicks. They always wandered to places under big tress where they could find lots of food; such as termites, worms, insects and others. They went out of their nest early in the morning and went back home at dusk. They had to go and return home. Black Hen knew very well the place they had to cross in the creek for the safety of her young chicks.

One day, while they were busy looking for food they did not realize that is was already late. The chicks reminded their mother that is was late and the sky was overcast. Their mother replied “Don’t worry children, nothing will happen.” “But we are worried, Mother, when the rain does come. The creek will be flooded and we won’t be able to cross,” the chicks said. Black Hen responded that they did not have to worry has there would not be any rain at all. But, alas, the rain did fall and the creek was flooded. They could not cross it in order to get back home before it really got dark. Black Hen thought for a while. She then said to her chicks, “Let’s go and see Mrs. Kuwuk, the civet cat. Maybe we can spend the night at her house.” All agreed and to Mrs. Kuwuk’s house they went.

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