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Active ImageBanana (”biu” in Balinese) in Balinese life is a non-substitutable part, that have merged into the Balinese daily life and become a necessity whether for ceremonial purpose or secular one. Banana in Bali is usually grown on the backyard of the house or crowded the backyard, as a matter of fact.

English maybe satisfied with a general word “banana” for all species banana but Balinese prefer to do something in complicated way, and with Banana, Balinese language coins a word for each species of Banana. There is red one, called biu udang, meaning ”shrimp banana.” There are delicious tiny ones, no longer than the length of your finger, called milk bananas, biu susu. Biu kate plants are dwarfs but the fruit is normal size. Biu gadang is still quite green when ripe and ready to eat. Biu mas is of a deep golden color. Biu kayu is long and skinny. Biu dak sangket resembles a hook. Biu raja, king banana is as big as banana that are sell in supermarket or maybe it is.

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