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Yesterday, January 4th, 2008, there are Nyegara Gunung ceremony by the government of Tabanan Regency at Tanah Lot Temple precisely at Penyawang Temple Tanah Lot. Ceremony already start from 10AM and finish at 12PM. Nyegara Gunung Ceremony is ceremony that the purpose is to notify or express thanks to the god of ocean, which called Dewa Baruna, that the whole ceremonial processes have been completed. Offerings are brought to important sea and mountains temples after all of ceremonial processes have been completed. Nyegara Gunung ceremony done after "Karya Pangenteg Linggih" at "Kahyangan Padmasana" in government of tabanan regency office have done.


Nyegara Gunung ceremony representing last processes from all of ceremonial processes that have been done in tabanan regency office. Nyegara Gunung ceremony for this time leading by priest named Ida Pedanda Griya Taman Sari Tabanan.

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