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baleganjurwebCome and Visit…..The Tanah Lot Baleganjur Festival will be held on July 3-5, 2015. This cultural activity will involve the baleganjur gamelan troupes from 23 customary villages throughout Kediri subdistrict. In addition to the festival, there are also art performances, exhibition of unique culinary treasures of Tabanan, jewelry craft, handicrafts, clothing, paintings, paraphernalia of Hindu spiritual activities, seselet (waist ornate) and souvenirs.

It was revealed by the management of Tanah Lot tourist attraction with 23 chiefs of customary village across Kediri subdistrict. Operations Manager of Tanah Lot, Toya Adnyana, said that the activity is also meat to increase the sense of unity and togetherness among the customary villages across the Kediri subdistrict and younger generation that seems to get dissolved in technological development. The baleganjur festival is not showing the luxury but more importantly showing the Balinese classical art and culture that are not affected by foreign cultures being incompatible with the ethics and norms existing in Balinese society in general.

After delivering the exposure, the chief of customary villages across Kediri subdistrict expressed their support for the activity. They are very enthusiastic with the implementation of the Baleganjur Festival. They are even ready if it is made into a monthly event at Tanah Lot.

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